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Hi Folks, This is Ed.

The purpose of this site is to provide you with information, insight, practical tips and the latest news from the world of growing. Most of it will fill out sections of the book. Whether you are a novice or an advanced gardener you will be able to find plenty of interesting information right here.

My goal in writing Marijuana Grower's Handbook was to provide you with the most accurate information about the plant and how to grow it. I tried to make the book as complete as possible. But print has its limitations. The combination of print and internet allows us more freedom. There are some things about growing that are not going to change in the foreseeable future. However, new techniques and new products will continue to change some aspects of cultivation, These subjects are best presented on the internet, so the information remains relevant.

This site is a work in progress. Now it contains material from the beginning of each chapter. We will quickly be adding more photos, videos, discussions, reports and product reports material. We also are planning a directed forum.

Happy Gardening.

Ed Rosenthal


Reviews: Marijuana Grower's Handbook

by Subcool, TGA Seeds

"I received Ed's new revised book today and I was so impressed with the vast amount of information it contains and I wanted to giv eyou guys a brief overview of The Book. I am very happy to be a contributor but seriously, Ed has outdone himself this time and this is a nice body of work..."


by WeedBay.Net

"Books like Marijuana Grower's Handbook are written once in a lifetime. My hat is off to Ed Rosenthal for this book. The book does have a young energy to it along with a distinct agenda of excellence noticeable when just thumbing through. The pages are full of photos, diagrams, charts, and of course text. Marijuana Grower's Handbook is a fountain of grow information for the knowledge-thirsty grower. It's all revealed. The science, the folklore, and even the history of medical use is detailed. Everyone mentions the introduction on history by Michael Aldrich..."


by Marijuana Courses

"Ed is old school..", "Ed is behind the times..." I heard some light vendor say at a local cannabis event a few weeks ago. In some ways it's true, Ed Rosenthal hasn't updated his grow book in how many years? If you have a grow book from 10 years ago, yeah it's pretty much out of date. But as far as Ed was behind, that's how far he's ahead with the release of the Marijuana Grower's Handbook..."


by Steve Kubby, American Medical Marijuana Association

"If you only own one book about cannabis, this is the one to have. That's because it is so extraordinarily comprehensive. No wonder it is used as an official course book at Oaksterdam University. Seriously, this work is encyclopedic in scope, covering every conceivable aspect of cannabis botany, cultivation and use..."


by Info-Junkie

"Studying this book will make anyone a junior field expert..."


by Nug Magazine

"Ed's decades of personal experince, his documentation of unmatched travel experiences, and his lifetime correspondance and interaction with countless growers around the world have come alice in these 500 pages. This book is an instant classic filled with great pictures throughout the manuscript that serve as instructional illustrations of well thought out points and revelations..."


by Sick N Tired

"Ed finally did it. I have been reading his books for years, but finally an easy-to-read bible with all the stuff you need to grow sticky nugs..."


by Kevin D.

"I received Ed's latest book in the mail Monday, "The Marijuana Grower's Handbook." I finally got a chance to sit down with it last night. I love it!! Ed, Jane and all the folks at Quick Trading have put together the single best resource I have ever seen..."



by M. Towns

"The Book is a MUST for growers..."


by Anita Case

"If you get one book on growing you have to get this one. I own Jorge Cervantes medical marijuana grow book, Soma's book and a few others, this is the one. You won't be disappointed..."


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